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Facebook provides you a fan page that is used to represent your personal page in social market, also to promote & elaborate business, corporation or organizations. Nowadays, all Facebook users want to know that how to write the Disclaimer For Facebook fan page? So, the tech support technicians tell them about it that disclaimer is a legal document with great and big importance. Your disclaimer for your Facebook fan page will need to envelop some basic areas of the jurisdiction you reside in or the type of content you will be displayed on your fan page. You should perform systematic legal research and contact an attorney prior to proceeding.

Your disclaimer should be visible to everyone visiting your Facebook fan page immediately. Your contact information should be mentioned in your disclaimer, including your name, address, email address, phone number and any other required information so that third parties can contact you. A Disclaim is basically used to provide the information within your Facebook fan page to other persons. Any pictures, descriptions or other information related to the subject of your fan page may be the property of a third party. To avoid liability, state clearly on the page that you are hosting the information only as a fan.

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